Newcastle Streets


Newcastle Streets  c. Karen E Davies
Newcastle streets where
people meet
are plagued with pimps
who walk the street
and prey on girls
from drugged out families
who have nowhere else to turn

Delirium is her best friend
26 years old
from the parlour
to his unknowing care
about what care is about

She is the nest 
of the next generation
this town needs
to heal 
the rift of being torn apart
by him and the drugs

How hard is this
Beaten from a young age
She is immune to
the abuse
She takes it 
second hand
She's been to this place too 
many times ?

He sets her apart
she is not
allowed to be
with us
we might 
find her soul
and give it

Karen Davies-Cassin c 2012





Journalistic Writing

Shell and the great buy back !! Australia

With Shell closing down it's oil refinery in Botany Bay. 

Why can't we have an Australian Government refinery. Then we process the oil that Australia extracts from oil drilling rigs, for our own needs. Shell have the idea that they can import diesel, mine for coal seam gas, export all of the raw materials and then sell the lot back to us.

That's business. Three stages of Multiple Intelligences. The emotive, practical and intellectual. Which one do we choose Australia. Get emotional about Shell the oil and the layoffs or develop a domestic oil processing for our domestic use. 

Corporate add control to their multiple intelligences

Karen Davies-Cassin