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Karen 'Edie' Davies

multi talented teacher & singer songwriter.

Kaz Davies creative ideology is borrowed from 

Paublo Friera and the ideals of cultural action.... Involving whole communities of people in the creative process of education and learning.

Upcoming Events 

 Wots On 

Monday 13 May '24

Live Video recording @

The Tunnel Sessions

All Original

Northern Soul Feel

Thursday 4 April 7:30

Support Act

Beauford Hotel, Mayfield

Sat 13 January '24

Solo 1980s & Soul Classics

Mayfield Arts Fair

The Stack Shack

10 - 12 noon

Featured Artist

Kaz Davies

Wed 20 December, 6 pm.

Australian Songwriters Association

Carrington Bowling Club

2023 - 24

Food Not Bombs

Live Music with Niko

Hamilton Station 5 pm

Monday or Wednesday

Recording Project

To record my 50 original Northern Soul songs.

Styles from Rock to Latin, Gangster, Rap, 

Ballads, Funk @ Soul Feels.


Literacy Numeracy Resource Development

English Teacher

Singer / Songwriter

Music Teacher.

KazDavies.com @  singer songwriter music educator

Red Orchestra.org @  Electronic Music '80s  Northern Soul 

WordsmithResume.net @  Media & Journalistic Writing 

my Original Recipe Songs 

KazDavies, Karen E Davies  

'original recipe musical works', 

recorded with The Apparitions, 

a loose collective of musicians from Darwin.

my Original Recipe Songs 


One Day 

The Estate 


c. 2007 copywrite belongs on all songs to Karen Edith Davies and Brian Cullen (Tsunsami m&l, One Day ( l )

https://kazzardee.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/One Day.mp3|One Day

https://kazzardee.tripod.com/webonmediacontents/The Estate.mp3|The Estate